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Stretching those aching, weary limbs on 1st January can be a test for the best of us. With the lighter nights still a few months away, the motivation to pull on some lycra and embark on the New Year resolution that we’ve promised ourselves will come once the frivolities of December are over. The challenge for many of us is finding a group that offers us the 3 F’s (fitness, fun and friends) that holds our interest long after the resolution has faded.

In 2013 Mike Hill and his team of devoted committee members started Y Fenni Triathlon, extoling the virtues of swimming, cycling and running in the Black Mountains and beyond. Sharing the joy that is ‘Triathlon’ and arranging sessions locally that offered training, development and camaraderie to those who attended. Those early days attracted a handful of regular members. Roll on 6 years and we now have almost 60 people turning up to our sessions…in all-weathers too.

We’re often asked why we embark on this road. What makes us take up three sports when one would be so much easier? How do you find the time to fit it all in? Some would say you need dedication, drive and determination. We all have them in varying degrees, but a little bit of madness definitely helps. The things which keep us returning week after week are the people, the community, friends, and those individuals that have made our journey in Triathlon easier by being supportive and encouraging when things are tough. We are not all Olympic athletes, but we still feel that way when crossing the line, when we know we’ve prepared and succeeded. That’s the thing with Triathlon, it’s not a race, it’s about setting your own personal goal over three disciplines and doing your best.

At Y Fenni Triathlon our goal is to make the sport of triathlon accessible to all levels of athlete and have fun along the way.

Abergavenny Focus Jan 2020

What motivates busy people to spend their time grappling with three sports when many struggle with one? In other words why are triathlons becoming so popular?

For some it is the thrill of battling waves, swell, current and the cold while swimming in open water. For others it’s fixing a puncture in a remote place, miles from help during a race. And for some, it’s posting a personal best in the run after already swimming and cycling further than most would think possible.

For many it is the sheer joy of overcoming sometimes intense anxiety to complete a first triathlon or open water swim after months of following an exacting training program.

For a few it is simply the fun of doing something different to become very fit with like minded triathlon friends in a beautiful natural environment.

Y Fenni Triathlon is a friendly club affiliated to Welsh Triathlon with qualified coaches, led by Head Coach Mike Hill and catering for aspiring triathletes aged 18 to 70 ish. We train, compete and support each other at events. Occasionally of course we treat ourselves to fancy dress runs and hold several social events each year as a break from training. So if you have survived the January fitness frenzy and caught the exercise bug and would like a unique sport challenge, triathlon could be the answer. The club would love to hear from you if you’d like to join, would like to learn more about the club, or if you simply want some information for beginners.

Abergavenny Chronicle Feb 2020


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